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DynAsty Toy Fox Terriers

Toy Fox Terriers - Puppies Available - Toy Fox Terriers

Exciting News!!

We were asked by American Kennel Club (AKC) to write an article about toy fox terriers and our experiences with showing and breeding them...

Please CLICK HERE to check out the article!!

Available TFTs - Updated March 2023: 

1) We occasionally have an adult TFT available to the perfect home. What makes a perfect home can vary based on the needs and personality of the individual dog. Email us at [email protected] for more info. 

2) Our next puppies are expected in spring 2023. The parents of this litter will be Lyrics and Batman.  

3) Click here to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for pictures and videos of our current and past babies. If we know of some friends having puppies, we can share that info as well. If you'd like more info on future litters and our waiting list, please email us at [email protected]

Other Information: Please contact us with questions and info about our waiting list... if you do not want to wait for one of our babies we will try to refer you to other reputable breeders who may have puppies available before us. Please don't buy your puppy from a pet store! Nearly all pet-store puppies come from puppy mills. I know most pet store puppies are cute and I know you want to "save them"... I do too, but in doing this you're only making room for another puppy in the pet store. Although we are a "show breeder" we place the majority of our puppies in companion homes because we will NOT place our kids in "kennel-type" homes. So, if you're looking for a pet puppy please don't be intimidated by the the fact that we show our fur-kids, contact us if you're looking for a long-term four-legged tft kid to welcome into your family. Our email address is [email protected] 

Our Puppy Info...

~ Please read this entire page if you are considering getting a puppy from us ~

ZuZu (previously Lottie) and Lacey (two of LuLu's sisters) ...Past Puppies


Pictures of Typical DynAsty Puppies...

Adoption Information:

**Anyone considering one of our puppies PLEASE READ all the way to the bottom of the page! THANK YOU!


We allow our babies to leave for their new homes at 9-10 weeks. ALL companion puppies under 12 weeks of age, whether male or female are the same price regardless of their coat color. All our companion puppies must be spayed/neutered by the time they are 14 months old. New studies are supporting spaying/neutering once a dog is mature to prevent some joint disease and joint weakness. We do not ship our puppies, but may be able to meet you at a local airport, if our schedule allows, should you choose to fly to pick up your puppy and fly back with the puppy as a carry-on. Older companion puppies (12+ weeks) usually are about $200 more because they have had more training and/or all or most of their puppy vaccinations. 

Show Prospect:

Show prospect pups are usually placed with people we personally know, or people who are willing to meet with us multiple times at shows prior to adoption of the new puppy. People who live too far away to personally meet with us might still be considered, but we will need to spend some time getting to know you via phone and email conversations. Most show prospect puppies are sold on a co-ownership with me the breeder. Show prospects are sold by private treaty; please contact us for more information. The price of a show prospect will vary based on the age of the puppy, the training it has received, and plans the owner has for it's future show career. 

Young Adults:

We occasionally have a young adult TFT available. There are times we may keep back a puppy or two to consider the baby for show and our breeding program. There are times these prospects turn out to be wonderful dogs but just not dogs we prefer to use in our small breeding program. Even though it is super hard to think about placing these dogs, it is ultimately the best thing for all the dogs involved to keep our numbers small. If we can find the perfect lap for one of these dogs, then we allow them to go to a new home. If we can't find them the perfect home, then they stay here! 

General Information:

Our adult breeding dogs are health tested. All of our puppies and adult dogs live in our home with us. I am a teacher, and if possible, we try to plan litters in the summer when we can be home with the babies. 

Our Puppies Go To Their New Homes With the Following:

At least their first set of vaccines administered by our vet

We start vaccines between 8-9 weeks. TFT mommas have small litters and generally wean their puppies later than large breed dogs, so not wanting to interfere with antibodies coming through momma's milk, we wait to vaccinate our babies until after they are completely weaned from their mothers. Our puppies do not leave our home until 10 weeks of age, so they will still have at least their first set of shots prior to leaving us. 

  A thorough vet exam

The vet checks heart, patellas, lungs, gut sounds, eyes, ears, and overall heath. 

Have tail docked and dewclaws removed - 

This in done by our vet at 1-3 days of age. At this age the puppies have very few developed nerve endings in these areas and it's early enough that they do not have a lasting memory of the event. 

Some of the current food your puppy has been eating

We feed only high quality food to all our dogs from pups up through our retired pets. We will send a small amount of food with you so that it can get you through until you can get a bag for your pup or you can use the food to mix/transition to another like high quality food.

A blanket

We will send an item or two that will smell like momma/littermates and remind your puppy's nose of something familiar - we try to stay away from stuffed toys and beds, as puppies love to de-stuff them!!

 A copy of purchase agreement 

 We will make all needed copies and send them home with you when you pick up your puppy

AKC Papers (unless other arrangements have been made)

AKC registration papers are usually held on companion puppies and mailed to the owners once the puppies have been spayed/neutered. Therefore, companion puppies usually receive their papers closer to one year of age once the owner mails us proof of the surgery

A typed up paper listing suggestions for care 

We can also email this to you if you'd prefer to have it in that format. If you would prefer this please request to have it emailed to you.

Folder and Bag  

Filled with helpful info printed and placed in it, and it is a place to keep your dog's records together for future reference. 

Lifetime Re-homing, should you ever have to give up your pup 

We will assist you in finding a new home for your TFT if needed. You may be thinking, "Wow, that's nice that the breeder offers this because we may want to travel a bit once the kids are grown and who knows if we will have time for this dog".... Well, if that is what you are already thinking, then we are not interested in placing one of our puppies with you. I would hope that you would be thinking: that's great, but we won't need this service, as we know adopting a puppy is FOR THE LIFE OF THE PUPPY! I realize things happen, and sometimes people are not able to take care of their pets. You MUST realize adopting a puppy is most likely a 12-16 year commitment! That doesn't necessarily make you a "bad" home for a dog, but if you don't think you can commit to a 12-16 year adoption, please consider adopting an older TFT. Depending on the age of the adult TFT when you adopt it, it will shorten the years of commitment, but can still give you many years and happy times with a great little companion!! TFT rescue can be found at

A lifetime TFT questions answer-er... us the breeder!

We will be here to answer questions, just ask away and we will be happy to help! Contact us if you are having any kind of issue with your TFT. 

**Please continue reading below the image...!! :-) .

Cooper (Laney's puppy, LuLu's brother)

How our puppies are placed:

1) The first step in being considered for one of our babies is to fill out our questionnaire (reason for the questionnaire: so that we have more information than just your name and that you want a male pup). We keep waiting list of the people who would like to adopt one of our babies and who we have approved to adopt one of the babies.

2) Once the new puppies have arrived, we normally wait about a week, and then we start contacting people on our waiting list to see if the people might want a pup from this litter, want to wait for a future litter, or if they have already found a pup and would like to be removed from the lists. 

3) We do try to help match people with the pup that seems to best fit their situation. Whenever possible we try to give people the option to pick which puppy they would like, but this is not always a possibility due to numbers in each litter. Toy breeds generally have small litters, so there are not always multiple males or females to choose from. First priority/first pick is always given to us if we plan to keep any puppies from the litter. Show puppies are also placed first before companion puppies are matched with their new owners. Even though we are a show breeder, there are many litters where we do not place puppies in show homes, so do not be discouraged about inquiring if you are interested in a pet. We often place beautiful, show-quality TFT puppies in companion homes because we know they will be loved, and that's the most important thing to us!!

4) The BIG Question Everyone Asks!! - "If I have placed a deposit or am on your waiting list, when will we know which puppy we will get to bring home?" This is a question on everyone's mind. Puppies don't go to their new homes until 9 to 10 weeks (usually 10 weeks). We usually start the puppy-choosing-process around 8 weeks. In general, we have all choices made between 9-10 weeks. Occasionally we have a situation where we are debating between two puppies we may want to keep; it may take us longer than 10 weeks to make that important decision, so we would place the other puppies in the litter and keep those two pups a little longer to decide between them. We have litters so infrequently, and try to keep the puppies that will best be able to continue our lines/goals within the breed, therefore we do not like to rush in making such an important decision. Some of our litters are planned years in in advance and/or cost thousands of dollars to come to be (in stud fees, travel expenses, breeding costs, vet bills, vaccinations, registration fees, health testing, etc). We appreciate your patience in our puppy choosing process. In some litters we may not be planning to keep any of the puppies, and in those cases all puppies will be matched with a home by 9 weeks and ready to leave at 9 to 11 weeks of age. An example of this would be if we did a breeding hoping to keep a female, and there were only males in the litter. So, the short answer is you will probably know which puppy you are getting around 9 weeks of age, but as was stated, sometimes it can be earlier or later. We know you are excited to adopt your new little one, but please be patient with us. We want the BEST for our little babies and having them grow up a little bit helps us to see more about their size and personalities before decisions are made. The important thing to understand is that health, temperament and conformation are VERY important to us!! We breed to be able to keep a pup to show and continue our lines, and we usually place the other pups from the litter in companion homes. Even though most all of our puppies could be shown, and are show quality, we do place the majority of our pups as pets in loving homes. We ask that you please be patient with us as we make our decisions about the litter and which pup might be kept and which one(s) will be available for others to adopt. (See video below for more info on this)

To see who will be having our next litters please email us or see our Upcoming Litters Page. 

Please watch the video below to learn more about our puppy-adoption process.

I am usually not in front of the camera; I am normally behind it doing videos of the puppies. 

Please Read - If you are considering adopting a puppy from us, please click on the links below to view our adoption agreements/contracts. Make sure you are comfortable with these prior to placing a deposit on one of our babies.