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DynAsty Toy Fox Terriers

Photo Gallery

Past Puppies Past Puppies Vegas - Laney's son 2008 42211097 Laney's son Bobby 2008 42211098 Ava and Dreamer April 2008 puppies 14202913 Laney's Pups 2008 42210726 Laney/Shorty Puppies Litter Born 5/17/08 picture taken at 3 days old. 14203024 CH DynAsty's One Hot Tom Ali Tommy @ eight weeks old 14202958 DynAsty's Any Given Sunday Sunny @ eight weeks old 14202959 DynAsty's Seattle Grace Izzie @ eight weeks old 14202960 CH DynAsty's Dreamer Dreamer @ eight weeks old 14202914 DynAsty's Any Given Sunday 14202962 Tommy CH DynAsty's One Hot Tom Ali 14202964 Tommy and Dreamer Chanel and Rocky puppies born April 8, 2007. The whole litter together in the next picture! 14202965 April 2007 Litter (Rocky X Chanel) Sunny (in Mandy's arms), Tommy (sitting in front of Mandy), Dreamer (sitting on couch) and Izzie (laying on couch). Puppies were 9.5 months old in this picture. 14202916 Dreamer DynAsty's Dreamer - Oct 2007 14202917 Dreamer DynAsty's Dreamer - Oct 2007 14202918 Izzie, Dreamer, Tommy, & Lily Puppies at Play 14202966 Izzie, Tommy, & Lily Puppies at Play 14202919 Mandy with Chanel/Rocky puppies Mandy with 3 of the 4 pups in the litter 14202920 DynAsty's Dreamer 9 weeks old, playing in the yard 14202981 DynAsty's One Hot Tom Ali Tommy 9 weeks old 14202982 Puppies at Play Tommy and Beau June 2007 14202969 Brady & brother Marty - All Grown Up! Addie and Rocky Puppies Born Apr 2007 14202983 Mandy and Puppies Puppies born April 2007 - Picture taken June 2007 14202970 Ava Stella/ Rocky baby girl, born April 2008 14202984 Ava Stella's Baby Girl Born April 2007 14202971 AKC CH DynAsty's Pretty Woman Vivian 14202972 Vivian - AKC Champion 14202973 Vivan CH DynAsty's Pretty Woman 14202985 Ellie Ellie is out of Rocky and Stella' s 2005 litter. Ellie is Vivian's litter sister. She now lives in a great home up in Michigan. 14202986 Shotzie Shotzie is a Rocky/Addie puppy from the Feb 2006 Litter. She now lives with a great family in Wisconsin. 14202974 Irwin - Oct 2006 Baby Boy 14202987 Theresa holding Oct 2006 Babies 14202989 Shadow Shadow was one of the puppies in our first TFT litter born in May 2004. Shadow lives close by with a great faimily here in Ohio. 14202991 Puppies The Puppies are Sun Bathing on a cool Winter Evening. 14202992 One our puppy boys - Buddy 14202994 Baby Buddy This is a picture of Mandy holding Buddy when he was just days old. Buddy now lives in a great home in Virginia. Buddy is out of our Dec 2004 litter. 14202979 Baby Girl, Buddy, Gabby and Tia Dec 2004 Puppies 14203001 A very cute baby girl - Dec 2004 puppy 14203004 The Dec 2004 Gang 14202997 Perdy Perdy was one of the puppies in our first TFT litter born in May 2004. 14202998 Brutus Brutus was one of the puppies in our first TFT litter born in May 2004. Brutie lives close by in Ohio with his loving owners. 14203005 Sydney CH Pegasus Sydney of DynAsty 14203006 Peyton (Uno) 6 wks old 14203000 Peyton (Uno) 6 wks old 14203021 Peyton as an Adult What a handsome boy!! 14203022 Peyton as an Adult He is about a year and a half in these two pictures. 14203023 Four of Laney's Litter of 6 pups 2008 42210724 Laney's Pups 2008 42210725 Jack Again - note from his owner... "Hello. I am Aubry Reenders, My family bought Jack from you. He is doing very well. I love him. He is the best dog a girl like me could ask for. Here is some pictures for you, of him. There is tons more for you to see, so if you would like to just let me know. 14203009 Jack Jack, a Addie/Rocky puppy boy with one of his owners. He's not spoiled, is he??? :-) 14203025 Laney's Son Beanie 2008 42210727 Vegas - Laney's son 2008 42211099 Vegas - Laney's son 2008 42211110 LuLu's pups Two of LuLu's boys from her 1st litter. 198717391 Roxi Nessa/Beamer puppy 198717392 Beamer Beamer as a pup. LuLu/Rocky pup. 198717393 Baby Maisie Autumn and Fancy Pants girl 205911177 Chanel/Rocky girl pup 198717394 The boys... LuLu and Jack boys 205911178 LuLu with her 1st litter 198717395 Baby Blue Summer and Fancy Pants girl 205911179 Nessa/Beamer pup 198717396 Lulu's 1st litter 198717397 LuLu's 1st litter 198717398 LuLu's 1st litter 198717399 Chanel/Rocky pup 198717400 Newborn Babies So Sweet!! 198717464 LuLu/Rocky pup 198717465 LuLu & Jack Boys Logan and Miles (formerly Buckeye and Wolverine) 205337386 LuLu & Jack Puppies Born Sept 2016 (Summer and Autumn are in this litter) 205337387 LuLu & Jack Boys Logan and Miles (formerly Buckeye and Wolverine) 205337388 LuLu & Jack Boys Logan and Miles (formerly Buckeye and Wolverine) 205337389